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The tower (XIII century) is incorporated in the Donati Palace and rises above the cornice. Presents the typical coating filaretto Stone and numerous "erri" (storks: curved needles that were used to support the curtains) that surround the windows. In ancient times was also called Gemma's Tower, because it was thought, incorrectly, that had belonged to Gemma Donati, the wife of Dante Donati.

The Donati Palace, then "Albizi-Tassinari", presents a façade in late-mannerist style, according to the remaking of the beginning of the seventeenth century; in the light plaster facade stands out from the windows with projecting architraves with cornices and a beautiful portal with a semicircular tympanum in which a marble bust of Cosimo II De' Medici by Chiarissimo Fancelli is inserted. Passed to the Tassinari in the eighteenth century, inside is equipped with a sixteenth-century portico courtyard just on the east side with columns with Ionic capitals and round arches: there is a raised garden with a late seventeenth century bath and a marble bust of Destiny, work of a Russian sculptor. In the lobby there is a bust of Dante in Impruneta terracotta of the seventeenth century.

"Already property of the Corbizi and then of the Donati, the tower is known and reported in the literature for being the last place in 1308 trying to Corso Donati resistance against the sappers of the Signoria, sent by popular acclaim against the elderly head of the black Guelphs, suspected of wanting to become Lord of the City with the help of Uguccione della Faggiola. Still of the Donati in 1427, followed later the properties of the nearby Medici palace (at n. 9, this one built on ancient properties of Donati) and this annex, going to Amadori, to Finali and, in 1688, to the Medici family, keeping within his descendants until 1798. Among the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century the tower was affected by a major consolidation and restoration intervention (with removal of the plaster, the reopening of the ancient lights, resumption of stone facing and affixing iron chains) under the direction of engineer Carlo Picchi. Thanks to further restorations in the seventies, now is this one of the Florentine medieval towers more clearly visible in its original structure, while being flanked by later buildings. Developed on six levels, has a door with locking ring and three asymmetrical windows on the main front, besides the usual scaffolding holes with underlying shelves."
Text from 'Register of Civil architectures in Florence' - Prof. Claudio Paolini

"Note that this tower, through Corbizi palace that develops on the side and rear, is connected with the other tower already property of the Donati now incorporated in the palace (see in Borgo degli Albizi 11). "The function of the insula fortified isolate belonging to the faction of the Donati is demonstrated, as well as by the presence of the two towers, by the extreme compactness of the front road and, for the reverse, by the remarkable articulation of the interior space, marked by numerous courts and passages connection. The remarkable power of the guelph Donati family, now at the top with the figure of Corso Donati, is its architectural counterpart in relevant height of the two towers, by far emerging from the surrounding tissue "(Elizabeth Pieri). On the low building that joins the tower on the side of the square is a notice of the "Capitani di Parte) dated 1639 already transcribed by Francesco Bigazzi. The tower appears in the list drawn up in 1901 by the Directorate General of Antiquities and Fine Arts, as monumental building to be considered national artistic heritage."
Text from 'Register of Civil architectures in Florence' - Prof. Claudio Paolini

Dante Alighieri
Locanda Orchidea
Locanda Orchidea es un 15 minutos a pie de la Estación de Firenze Santa Maria Novella (SMN) y de la Zona de Congreso; 20 minutos de la Fortezza da Basso base de las principales ferias y exposiciones internacionales como Pitti Uomo, Pitti Bimbo, Pitti Immagine, etc.


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